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Shawn Landry, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor, School of Geosciences
Director, USF Water Institute
University of South Florida
Phone: (813) 974-4590


Developed in partnership with Orange County, FLEPPC and USF, FLIP (Florida Invasive Plants) is a mobile field guide that can be accessed by a computer, smart phone, tablet, or other device with internet browser capability. Learn more about FLIP »

Features list

The Plant Atlas website incorporates standards-based data-driven internet technologies to disseminate plant information, images and distribution maps to the public. The following is an abbreviated list of functionality available:

  • Plant species are searchable by scientific and common name, including synonyms; known presence within a county; nomenclature citation information; availability of a herbarium specimen image; and listing as threatened/endangered, native, endemic, invasive, wetland and other characteristics.
  • Search results can be presented as a spreadsheet-style list of plant species or as a gallery of plant images along with summary information for the purpose of comparison.
  • Search result pages provide options to improve usability, including: sort by family, genus or other columns; filter based on selected characteristics, such as presence of a photograph or specimen image; or create a printer-friendly checklist to take into the field.
  • Users can browse for a plant species by selecting a family; genus; common name; or county.
  • Information is made available at the family, genus and species taxonomic classification levels, including distribution map and source information, synonymy, citations, and plant photographs.
  • Each taxa web page is linked directly to herbarium specimen data and information, including targeted links to specific species pages on external websites such as USDA Plants and NatureServe.
  • Administrative users utilize a secure web-based editor to manage online content including customized pages about the project, herbarium or institute, external links, and news and announcements.